Hi there!

Hungry for some details about “Food Was My First Love”? Great!


If you’re a regular visitor, you might have noticed that this website has been changing a lot in the last few months – and that’s not the end of it. Currently, the former foodblog “Food was my first Love” is being transformed into something different, something bigger – a community for all you foodies out there. So get  ready & get yourself a seat at the table!

It all started with a foodblog, something I’ve talked about for quite a while and that finally made it online in 2018. As the food addict I’ve become within the last few years, I wanted to take you all around the world, show you site restaurants, bars and cafes you want to check out, dishes that’ll make you drool and the latest ideas from creative chefs around the world.

However, putting up restaurant reviews from my perspective only soon didn’t make it for me anymore. So In last year I’ve thought about how to transform this website into more, into something not only I as a foodie would love, but others as well. I’m still sorting through all the ideas of me and my foodie friends, sorting everything out, planning how to proceed. Only one thing’s for sure: It’s going to be far from boring!

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