The avocado’s position in today’s food world is an interesting one. On one hand, the avocado is the drama queen among the veggies, only being ripe for what feels like seconds. On the other hand, avocado-only restaurants pop up all over the world. In Sydney, Amsterdam, Germany, New York, and London, to name just a few. The latter one, London’s Avobar, is serving up the burger above. And hell, it’s worth booking a flight there immediately!

Avocado Bun Burger, Avobar, London

The Dish

Avo bun burger with red lentil and sweet potatoe patty as well as coconut dressing and a salad.

The Story

I’ve walked past London’s Avobar pop-up quite a few times before finally going in, though it was on my list. I just didn’t expect much from it and though being interested in the burger in general, I wasn’t looking forward to try it. But I’ve learned that trying something is always worth it, because it widens your horizon and you might discover something you didn’t know before. Like that an burger with avocado buns isn’t that difficult to eat. And that it doesn’t have to be tasteless, quite the contrary: It can be bursting with flavors. It can be incredibly good balanced, a perfect mix of temperatures, super fresh, mind-blowing, to say the least. Yup. This might be something you’ll learn.

The burger is beautifully looking, although it had some brown spots, I couldn’t wait to dig in as soon as it was in front of me. Rightly, as it turned out. It’s the first burger I did eat with cutlery, but once I had the first piece in my mouth, that was forgotten. I was in avocado heaven. And I didn’t even know that this exsists.

Avocado Bun Burger, Avobar, London

The Avoburger’s Texture and Flavors

The burger was of smooth consistency, with a soft patty made of red lentils and sweet potatoe. The avocado buns itself were, icronically, providing a more firm texture, perfect to hold their even when cutting through. Turns out, the avocado in fact had the perfect consisteny and was seasoned with a touch of lemon. This gave the dish a fresh, light flavor which worked perfectly well with the warm and soft flavor of the patty. The veggies on top of the burger, however, weren’t warm and therefore provided freshness – especially the tomato slice. Overall, the the top-notch freshness smoothness balance was remarkable. The seasoning was mild, which I usually am not a big fan of, but in this case it absolutely worked. Honestly, with every bite I was amazed again by how well balanced the burger was.

It might not be the Avobar’s invention, and these days, an avo burger is kind of an down-to-earth dish, due to its simplicity. Nevertheless, this is a stunning dish – even more having this in mind. It’s just fascinating how the London bar turned this into an absolut mind-blower. And this doesn’t stop at the burger, even the slaw that’s served as a side is pretty frickin’ awesome! And this comes from someone who’s not a big fan of these cole slaw-like salads.

Avo Cuddles, Avobar, London

The Cons

The only downside, flavor-wise, is that the zucchini is sliced pretty thin and gets lost in all the other components. Besides that, you’ll might hesitate due to the price of 13 pounds. Get over it! Believe me, it’ absolutely worth it. This is not only the freshest burger there is, but for sure one of the most balanced dishes I’ve ever had. (The only other dish that’s as crazy well-balanced as this is the garlic knot slider from New York’s Hold My Knots.) You won’t regret it. Your body will thank you. The Avobar will. Your doctor will, too. It can’t be wrong to make that many people happy, can it?

How to find the Avobar:

I went to the pop-up store in:

18 Floral Street
London WC2E 9DS
United Kingdom

They’ll soon open a permanent location at:

24 Henrietta Street
London WC2E 8ND
United Kingdom

Opening hours:

Mo, Tue: Closed
Wed-Sun: 11 – 7h

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