On Friday, June 8th 2018, US-American chef and writer Anthony Bourdain die. Who was he? A short introduction and how to get to  kow him through his very first article.

TV Cook and Food Writer Anthony Bourdain, image: Robert Ascroft for Adweek

Celebrity Chef and Writer Anthony Bourdain Died At Age 61

Within a few minutes after his death, all the web was flooded with pictures, posts and tweets about the US-American chef and writer. Restaurants, chefs and fans – from both, his articles or his CNN show „Parts Unknown“ – praised his words, his honesty and how he changed their way of traveling, eating and cooking.

Chefs dedicated dishes to him, like Portland‘s Voodoo Doughnut or Baristart, while others shared pictures and memories. He made memories with the big ones in the industry, as posts from chefs like Daniel Boulud or Dominique Ansel show. Also, the number of flowers, pictures and lettes on the doors of the “Brasserie Les Halles” show, how many people he touched. The restaurant is the first one he was working at as executive chef in the 90s, which was when his first text as food writer was published in The New Yorker.

Anthony Bourdain’s „Don‘t Eat Before Reading This“

This article was the first one Bourdain wrote, leading to his first book „Kitchen Confidental: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly“ – and reading it is absolutely worth it. Even if you‘re not continuing with the book, if you‘re only slighlty interested in food, read this article.

It‘ll only take you a few paragraphs into the text, to realize, how personal Anthony Bourdain‘s writing is. You‘ll learn about how he went from being a cook to managing a restaurant. How the criminality within the cooking industry has actually been one of the reasons, Bourdain dropped out of college and went to the Culinary Institute of America. And how passionate he was about learning how to cook.

But the text also shows, why everyone praises this man‘s honesty and how he manages to make you laugh by charmingly giving disgusting insights of the industry, before you know if you actually wanted to know them. Like why gloves are only there for health inspectors and your food gets touched by dozens of sweaty fingers before landing on your table. And why that‘s absolutely fine. He reveals, why eating out on a Tuesday is best in New York and why one is doing the kitchen a favor by ordering a steak well-done (it helps them getting rid of garbage). You‘ll learn why chicken „bores the hell out of chefs“ and what happens to leftover table butter.

“Line cooking, done well, is a dance.” – Anthony Bourdain

In between all these lines filled with tips and stories, you start to get a feeling for who this man was, his passion and personality. And while educating you with industry kitchen insights on the first sight, this article will for sure accomplish one additional thing: It’ll make you laugh. And if it impresses you as me, Anthony Bourdain might influence you eventually.

Get To Know More About Anthony Bourdain

Of course, you‘re reading session doesn‘t has to stop there. If you want to dig in more of Anthony Bourdain‘s texts, take a look at this compilation. Let him show you around the world in „Parts Unknown,“ which you can watch at the CNN website. Or read more about the man himself, in articles published in The New York Times or a piece titled “How Anthony Bourdain became Anthony Bourdain,” which he wrote for Bon Appétit a few years ago.

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