Public holidays are awesome. It’s a day off for most of us, finally time to meet with friends and family – and it’s an awesome excuse to serve up an inordinate amount of food. Now here come’s the catch, there are also days celebrating certain dishes around the world. You might not have the day off, but for sure find a day to celebrate your favorite dish. This is the first part of an articles series, featuring five food days from the UK. If you’re ready to start today, you won’t even need cutlery, it’s National Burger Day!

National Burger Day: MacDaddy, Mac 'n' Cheese Burger, Dirty Bones, London

#1 Food Day from the UK: Sausage Day (Jan 5th)

In the celebration of locally prized sausages, Clitheroe annually celebrates Sausage Day. Clitheroe in Ribble Valley, you know? In Lancashire? Near Manchester? Anyways, reason enough to eat an unusal amount of sausages that day! The city’s 15.000 inhabitants will appreciate it.

#2 Food Day from the UK: National Tea Day (April 21st)

The National Tea Day’s website greats visitors with the slogan “Join the Tea Revolution,” which is not what one might expect from a company called “National Tea Day LTD.” But with a company having the days back, or the day having the company’s back, this seems to be the most official day in this list. On the other hand, the National Tea Day LTD is listed as advertising agency, which might make sense, but also gives this day a bit of a bitter touch. Another commercial day, invented to make money. But then, it’s also quite clever from a marketing perspective. Plus, celebrating tea still sounds like a good idea.

Fish & Chips, Fish Kitchen, Borough Market, London

#3 Food Day from the UK: National Fish & Chips Day (June 3rd)

Fish & Chips are probably the first dish that comes to mind to Britain. For a good reason! Living on an island, their location forced the Brits to make the best of it, which they did. From low-priced to high-end options, chippies are all over the country proofing showing of their skills. And mhhh, we love them for it! So use this day to praise your favorite fish & chips shop or try something new, like Sutton & Sons vegan Fish & Chips.

#4 Food Day from the UK: National Burger Day (Last Thursday in August)

When visiting the website, you’ll end up on a website from London’s Mr. Hyde email list. They’re connection to the day is not clearly stated, though various pages online – including a magazine from Empangeni, South Africa, that simply copied the text from – claim that Mr. Hyde invented the day. Anyways, Mr. Hyde and Streetfeast are teaming up to celebrate National Burger Day with a big party at Hawker’s House this year. Make sure to step by! Or, at least, buy yourself a burger.

#5 Food Day from the UK: National Gyoza Day (September 20th)

Within Asian cuisine, there are multiple variations of dumplings to snack or eat as a meal. From Taiwanese water dumplings over Chinese wonton to Japanese Gyoza. And there’s a day to celebrate them! At least the Gyoza, if we’re strict. But them you can get with different fillings, pan-fried, steamed, boiled, go crazy! And in case you miss this day or didn’t get enough, the US celebrates National Dumpling Day on September 26th. Reason enough to go for another round, right?

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