If we’re going to argue about the headline here probably depends on how good you know the FoodbabyNY Instagram account. Matthew Chau, short Matty, is the brother of Samantha “Sammy” Chau who’s regularly featured on the account. So technically, he’s not the FoodbabyNY. However, as Sammy is only 3 years old, the account is run by the kids’s dad Mike Chau, which might make him FoodbabyNY, though not being a baby? Anyways, let’s get to what this really is about: New York’s foodblog Grub Street came up with a pretty clever idea in terms of food journalism and interviewed Matty about which restaurants in New York City he recommends for families with kids. And who’d know this better, than a kid that has probably visited more restaurants than every single one of us?

Following the account for quite a while, three of the five places named won’t be a surprise to you. The famous Supermoon Bakehouse for example or Queens’s Krave It Sandwich and Pizza store, known for the cheeseburger pizza. Nevertheless, the tips from Matty and his dad are worth a read – click here for the full article on grubstreet.com.

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