To make it short, you want to listen to the latest episode of Foodbeast’s The Katchup Podcast. Why? It’s good. Need a more elaborate reason? Well, in this episode, Scott Nghiem, Co-Founder of Afters Ice Cream (THE ice cream chain from Southern California) is talking about how the ice cream chain was founded, how he transfered from the clothing industry to the food industry. Which is quite interesting, as Afters Ice Cream sees itself much more than a simple ice cream store and a big part of their so-called “lifestyle” brand is merch. Their collection includes shirts, jumpers, socks and caps in the style of famous streetwear clothing brands, such as Off-White, Anti Social Social Club or Fear of God. Successfully, as their 23 locations and over 300 thousand Instagram fans, built in the last five years.

Which is your #MilkyBun? We’re open til MIDNIGHT! #aftersicecream

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But even if you don’t know the Afters Ice Cream brand yet, the podcast is pretty interesting, because Nghiem and the Foodbeast hosts editor-in-chief Elie Ayrouth and CEO Geoffrey Kutnick connect Afters Ice Cream with major events in the food industry, such as the upcoming of street carts, and the invention of the Cronut (which you can read more about here), which played a big role in founding the ice cream chain. “After the Cronut, the media was hungry for food news,” says Scott Afters early in the podcast. Find out how he used this when founding Afters Ice Cream in the latest The Katchup episode.

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