Okay, I have a confession to make. I don’t like sushi. Not at all. Just no. Because I don’t like fish in general. But that’s another story. Because now you have to look at these sushi-like dishes below, perfect for everyone who doesn’t like sushi.

Ice Cream Sushi from Gelarto (New York)

Sushi and ice cream aren’t two things one would think of together, usually. That also is why New York ice cream shop Gelarto got a lot of attention with their invention of “ice cream sushi” in 2017. Since then, they came up with a bunch of flavors and visiting them is absolutely worth it. Not only because of the unsually form this ice cream dish comes in, but also because the ice cream itself is to-die-for.

Pink Vegan Sushi from Ima (London)

Sushi and vegans usually don’t go together, but that’s only for regular sushi. With vegan sushi it is possible. And the sushi Ima is selling at London’s KERB Streetfood Market also comes with an unusual color for sushi – pink! Besides that, they’re also selling sushi burritos. Check their menu and locations out here.

Tramezzini Sandwich Sushi (New York)

New York’s Tramezzini is actually known for Italian sandwiches, decorated with a purple flower, and lately for their beetroot-colored pink grilled sandwiches. But you can also head to their store for some unusual sushi in form of sushi-like Tramezzini bites.

Black Vegan Sushi from Beyond Sushi (New York)

It takes two to mango…..or in our case eight!‍♀️

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Beyond Sushi (@beyondsushinyc) am

Okay, not every sushi roll sold my BeyondSushi is made using black rice. But no matter which one you look at, they all are colorful and the combinations of fillings and toppings are quite adventurous. Plus, all of them are either vegan or at least vegetarian, so now excuses here. Go and treat yourself to some sushi today! It’s International Sushi Day, after all!

Which one would be your favorite? Do you know any other sushi-like dishes?

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