The first weekend I’ve spent in New York, ever, I had absolutely no clue. It was Januar 2017, a super snowy weekend, and I’ve walked through the city, Chinatown for example. On my way back from their I stumbeled in “Little Cupcake Bakeshop” – which turned out to be the only cafe I tried without planning to go there, haha. Seriously.

When I was back in my room the same day, I started to do a little research. Which it was, at the beginning, but turned out to become one of the most profound researches I’ve done so far. I’m planning to offer this as a download soon, but till then, feel free to take a look at THE LIST below, the ultimative food to do list. It’s filled with of dishes, restaurants, food innovations, signature dishes and food stalls to eat resp. visit, based on clips from Insider New York, Insider Food, Buzzfeed, Secret NYC, Thrillist and local Instagrammers – to name just a few.

500 Restaurants & Dishes for Foodies
In & Around NYC

Foodie Bucket List NYC: THE LIST



Levain Bakery (thick cookies!)
10 Below Ice Cream
Blacktap (Shakes!! Huge onion rings. Pizza Burger)
Magnolia Bakery
Tswirl Crepes
Artichoke Pizza
Amorino (Ice cream flower)
Pulled Pork @ Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
Halal Guys (Chicken & Gyro Platter)
Dominique Ansel Bakery (Cronuts, Frozen S’mores, Milk Shot Cookie Glas; Burrata Soft Serve + balsamic caramel)
Serendipity (Frozen Hot Chocolate)
Pastrami Sandwich @ Katz’ Deli
Red Velvet Cannoli @ La Bella Ferrara, Little Italy)
Do Cookie Dough
Mission Cantina (black Tacos)
Cafe Habana (Grilled Corn + majo cojita cheese + parmesan)
The Meatball Shop
Treathouse (rice crispie treats)
Creamline (Fried Oreos, Fried Twinkies)
Macbar (Mac’n’cheese)
Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie (Mini Frozen Key Lime coated w/ choc)
Doughnut Plant (Creme Brulee Donut)
Coolhaus (Ice Sandwich: Brown Butter + Candied Bacon?!)
Mighty Quinn’s BBQ
Philly Steak + Cheese Sandwich
Sugar & Plum (French Toast Stack)
Otto (Olive Oil Gelato)
Victoria Garden (Goat Milk Ice Cream)
Bareburger (Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake)
Empanadas Cafe
Popbar (Create own popsicle)
Boulton & Watt (cutie pie, salted caramel ice cream cones)
Pancakes + Maple Syrup
Insomnia Cookies
Taco Bell
Melthouse (Grilled Cheese)

Rainbow Bagel, The Bagel Store, Brooklyn NYC (USA)
Rainbow Bagel, The Bagel Store, Brooklyn NYC (USA)

The Bagel Store (Rainbow Bagel)
Spot Dessert Bar (Choc Green Tea Lava Cake)
Union Fare Bakery (Birthday cake croissant)
Biscuit Bread Pudding + Pickles @ Jacob’s Pickles
OddFellows Ice Cream (Brioche Bun Ice Cream Sandwich, really nice)
Honey Butter Chips (+ Ice) @ Oiji
Cake pops from William Greenberg Dessert
Choc Babka @ Breads Bakery
Martha’s Country Bakery (pies + cheesecake)
Bouchon Bakery (Macarons)
Veniero’s (filled pastry)
Molly’s Cupcakes (center-filled cupcakes)
(Sundae) Sugar and Plumm
Milk and Honey @ the Nomad (Milk Sorbet + Honey Drizzle + dehydrated milk foam, honey brittle)
Pepolino (Tomato flan)
Butternut Squash Soup + crumbled amaretto cookies @ Pepolino $11
grilled eggplant with smoked mozzarella gratin @ Pepolino $14
Sugar Factory (“like liquid candy”)
Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream (Unique flavors like S’mores)
Veselka (Pierogi)
Amorino (Ice Rose)
Empellon Taqueria (Choc Flan + Cinnamon Ice Cream)

Piggy Buns, Lucky Palace, NYC (USA)
Piggy Buns, Lucky Palace, NYC (USA)

Piggy Buns @ Lucky Palace
Wontons in chili oil at White Bear (Cheap!)
Carrot Fries @ Narcissa
Peking Duck @ Peking Duck
Wowfulls (Ice in Waffle cone)
Catch NYC (Waffle tower)
Black Label Burger (a lot of meat) @ Minetta Tavern $33
Pancakes @ Clinton Street Bakery Co.
Carrot Crepe @ Olmsted $15
(Nachos from) El Aloradero, Flan $6
Roasted Butternut Squash, Goat Cheese + Black Truffle Honey $18 @ Babbo
Steak Frites @ Balthazar
Spring Pea Guacamole @ ABC Cocina
American Cut (runny yolk tossed Caesar salad $16)
Bird’s & Bubbles (Fried Chicken)
WDU 50 (eggs benedict, passion fruit tart?)
Clinton Street Baking (best pancakes, wait long)
Penelope: Pumpkin Waffles + Cranberries + baked cinnamon apples (cheap!)
Tortellini Duck a la orange (dinner) $28
La Fayette: Lemon pancakes $20, roasted beets + fromage + pistachios $18
Momofuku Noodle Bar (Pork buns + brussels sprouts)
Filled MiniFish Dough (Koreatown)
Eileen’s Special Cheesecake
Snowdays Shavery
Shacke Shack (Shroome Burger, Peanut Butter Bacon Burger)
Wafles & Dinges
The Cinnamon Snail
Melt Bakery
Emack and Bolio’s (Ice in cone – nice!!)
Souvlaki GR (Fries + Feta)
Papaya Dog
Ramen Burger (Ramen Co. 191 Pearl Street)
Big Gay Ice Cream (on a plate, looks super fancy)
Fried Chicken + Waffles (Doug E’s Fresh Chicken and Waffles)
Cupcake ATM
Beyond Sushi (vegetarian + vegan)
Truffled fries @ Umami Burger $5,50
Del Posto – 100 Layers Lasagna $$$ ($49)
Dub Pies
Taco @ Tacombi
Bob & Jo – rice burger
Rice burrito = Sushirrito (@ Hai Street Kitchen)
Aracini Bros. (Rice balls filled with Pesto, Tomato, Nutella, …)
Bowlmor (huge(!) Burger)
Eggloo (Ice cream in waffle cone)
Little Collins (Avocado Toast)
21 Club (Notes & Toys hanging around)
Coyote Ugly Bar
Jamaican Jerk Baby Back Ribs @ Hometown BBQ
Calexico Cart (Taco)
Morgenstern’s: Avocado Ice Cream Toast, Sunflower Seed, Green Tea + Pistachio, Black Coconut Ash, Sweet Potatoe Mello, Caramel, Balsamico Strawberry
The spotted pig: Roquefort burger + beautiful fries
chocolate pizza @ Max Brenner
Bagel Avocado cream cheese @ Bagel + Schmear
Leo’s Bagles (Bacon, egg, cheese)
Tompkins Square Bagles (Mac n cheese bagles)
Lady M Confections (Mille Crepe Cake)
Holey Cream (Donut Ice Cream Sandwich)
Momofuku Milk Bar (Birthday Cake Truffles, cereal milk)
M’oll Gelato (warm gelato Panino)

Dough, Smorgasburg, NYC (USA)
Dough, Smorgasburg, NYC (USA)

Hibiscus Donut @ Dough
Bouchon Bakery (Chocolate eclairs with gold leafs)
Sprinkles (Sundae cupcake)
Play J (J shaped cone with ice truck)
Ample Hills (Ice with ritz crackers, potatoe chips, pretzles & MMs cone e.g. Choc chip cone)
The Smiths (S’mores in a jar)
Boulton & Watt (Cast Iron Cookie with milk)
Chikalichious (Churro ice cream cone)
Ice & Vice (Fireball ice cream with ramen brittle and flaming hot cheeto ramen pieces)
The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (Black Sesame Ice Cream)
Doughnut Project (Everything Bagel Donut w cream cheese, roasted poppy seeds, pepitas, garlic, sea salt)
Parm (Chicken Parmesan, 3 layer ice cream cake)
Francois Payard
Peking Duck Bun @ Corner 28
Garbage Plate @ Henrietta Hots/Dogtown/Nick Tahous Hots
Ricotta Dumplings @ Estela
Casa della Mozzarella
Chickpea Fries @ Peacefood Cafe
Burger with Plaitain rolls @ Patacones
Cachapas YMas ???
Cake Push-Up Pops @ Pops by Haley
Batter and cream (mini whoopie pie)
Kith Treats (Cereal Bar, e.g. ice cream)
Buns Bar Milkshakes
(Bacon Egg Cheese Roll)
Clinton Hall (Fondue Burger , waffle tower, grilled cheese bagel + tomatoe soup)
Petee’s Pie Company
Spinach Pizza Dip @ Sofia Pizza
Donut Pub
Pizza Barn
Minus 5 ice Bar
Avocaderia (Avocado Bar)
Holy My Knots
Ichiran (Ramen, Steak)
2nd City (db burger, plan b-rito)
Pizza cupcake @ bowlmor
Little Choc Apothecary (vegan crepes)
Candle Cafe West (vegan pumpkin pie + cinnamon ice cream + cashew cream + candied pecans)
321 Ice cream shop with liquid Nitrogen
Goa Taco (Shell croissant + tortilla)
Sweet Taco by Tac ‘n Roll
Reuben Sandwich @ Reuben’s (Deli in 58th street)
Cannibal Liquor House (Chips on top of parmesan cream, broussles sprouts + chili, lemon, tonnato $9, nice looking burgers)
XXL Dumpling @ Drunken Dumpling
koronet Pizza (big slices)
Melt Shop (Melted Cheese)
Empellon Taqueria (Taco)
Manila Social Club! (Crispy lotus (chips), mango souffle pancakes + ube ice cream)
Peter Luger Steak ($$$)
Gray‘s Papaya/Papaya King
Surf Bar Restaurant – maybe
2nd City NYC (cheap pork belly buns, Plan B-Rito)
Baba‘s Pierogies (Mac ‘n’ Cheese pierogie + caramlized onions + sour cream, chive dip)
Casa della Mozzarella
Caprice by Sophie (Cream Puff Swan)
Corner 28: Peking Duck Bun $1
Crif Dogs (St Marks, Hot Dog: bacon wrapped w Avocado + sour cream)
DoughZer’s Pizza (Donut Pizza)
Pies ‘n’ Thighs (Fried Chicken + Mac ‘n’ Cheese)
Saigon Shack (Pho)
Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
Nespresso Boutique (Choc-Coconut Milkshake)
Goemon & Cocoron!! (Super beautiful looking curry + rice) $18
Ghost Donkey (Nachos with black truffles $23, mole chicken, red cabbage, jalapeno $13,50)
Mother of Pearl (Shark Eye Cocktail $15, Kale Caesar -> crispy dumpling chip, kale, tahini dressing, charred cauliflower $11, Butternut squash dumplings $12)
Bill’s Bar & Burger (Milkshake with candel – or at least big)
The Squeeze (Vegan Burgers)

Pink Dip Soft Serve, Odd Fellows, NYC (USA)
Pink Dip Soft Serve, Odd Fellows, NYC (USA)

Pink dip/Popcorn caramel Soft serve/soft serve in cotton candy cloud @ Odd Fellows Carnival
Very Fresh Noodles in Chelsea Market
The donut shop
Customize your ice cream @ Magnum New York – nice!!!
The Cannibal @ Beer & Butcher (sip your drink through a bone – maaaaybe)
Frozen Cocktail + Giant Flamingo Cocktail @ Loopy doopy Bar (maybe)
Breaking Bad Bar?!
Fried Chicken in Waffle Cone
Wholefoods Mochie Bar
Venezuela Sandwich @ Patacon Pisao (Plaintain Sandwich)
Deep Fried “bread”/dough, topped with Nutella @ Forno Rosso Brooklyn
Pommes Pressees @ Augustine (FB) $10 – maybe – is a side
Fruity Pebbles Ice Cone @ Little Cupcake Bake Shop
maybe Pancake Burger @ Horny Ram
Giant Mermaid Margarita @ Watermark Bar ($80, to share)
Rainbow Layer Cake @ Sweet Corner Bake Shop
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes @ Catch NYC ($19!)
Peter Pans Donut & Pastry – maybe
Pineapple Express @ Chelsea Market (vegan soft serve)
Cereal Bagels @ Bagels R Us (Long Island)
Pickle me Pete seels fried pickles on a Stick
Wings with 18 Sauces @ The International Wing Factory (near Guggenheim)
Fresh Ravioli @ Eataly Downtown
Cupcakes with ice cream topping @ Silk Cakes NYC
”Two Chicks with Chocolate” – store in New Jersey, decorate a chocolate High Heel and eat it
”The impossible Burger” @ Bareburger NYC (meatless “meat” burger, at LaGuardia only)
”Krave it” Sandwich Shop & Eatery in Queens -> Cheeseburger Pizza
Churro S’mores @ Bouqueria Brooklyn (maybe)
! Raw Material NYC – burger bun filled with cheese
Beat you can’t sundea (for more than 1 person)  @ Dylan’s Candy Bar (they also sell Candy Cocktails)
WuKong (Ice + cotton candy)
21st Century Burger with fried mozzarella  Buns @ Buns Bar
Bing Box Ice Cream
Spicy Spring @ Prince Street Pizza (“pepperoniest” pizza)
Macarons (american flavors) @ Dana’s Bakery (Gansevoort Market)
French Onion Soup Dumplings, Oreo Pancake Stack @ Stanton Social
Soft serve (Tangerine Ice Cream) @ Seamore’s
Mac ‘n’ Cheese in a cone @ Merchant’s River
Strawberry Milkshake + New York Cheesecake @ Junior’s Restaurant & Cheesecake Factory
Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Nutella Baklava @ Elm Street Diner
S’Mores Triple Chocolate Cookies @ Sweet Buttons Dessert
Nutella Toast @ For ground
Pho w Zucchini Noodles @ Madame
Sweet Jesus Downtown (Ice Cream)
Double Brown Burger (Hash Browns as buns) @ Hudson Jane
24 Layer Chocolate Cake @ Strip House
Pie on a stick @ Pie Corps
Eat everything with a flat bread (ethiopian) @ Bunna Cafe
Chipiest Chocolate Chip Cookie @ Bestfren
Avocado Dessert @ Empellon
30 feet long noodle @ Allora
Pizza with Fried Chicken Crust @ Quality Italian
Risotto in cheese wheel @ Fusco
Birthday Cake Cream Push Pops @ Chloe Soho
Roses on Ice Cream Cone @ Cupcake Market (Preorder only!)
Cookies w/ unique Flavors @ Chip NYC
Smoothie bowl in a coconut @ Juice Spot
Kougin Amann @ Patisserie Chanson
Pizza Star @ Patrizia’s
Cheeseburger dumplings @ Mimi Cheng’s
Bread with Cheese filling @ Cheeseboat (Brooklyn)
Halo Halo @ Pig and Khao
Fried Mozzarella Grilled Cheese @ B&A Pork Store Brooklyn
Sam’s Fried Ice Cream
Crazy Annie’s: Monster cookie shake, Donut Burger)
Funnel treat ice cream @ American Treat
Donuts with Ice Cream filling = The Cruff @ Stuffed Ice Cream
Smoothie bowl @ Lulu (Canal Street Market)
Gelato Sushi @ Gelarto
Blue Ivy @ Sidepiece
Xuxu Croissant with dulce de leche @ Dulcinea
Queens Comfort –> Guacamole filled onion rings for brunch
Rainbow Dumplings (vegan) @ Megu $18
Unicorn Pizza (no slices, only a whole pie) @ Industry Kitchen
Farmer Boy @ Ice and Vice (Times Square)
Hit me chocolate cake @ Catch – maybe
Ube Milkshake @ New Territories

Vegan Ice Cream, Van Leuween, NYC (USA)
Vegan Ice Cream, Van Leuween, NYC (USA)

Van Leuween
Avocado Pizza @ Kola House
Coolmess – make your own ice cream in a churner on your desk (for 2 people $24, for 3-4 people $30) or make your own funfetti cake
Face Cookies @ Cupcake Market
375 Fries
Cereal Infused Ice Cream or Special Cereal Bowls @ Milk & Cream
Floating Island @ Le coq rico !!!
Rock Center Cafe – build your own sundae, maybe
Pommes @ Bar Frites in NYCs Le District (French food court)
Caked Up Cafe: Cake with Hennesey bottles, Chicken & Waffles Cupcake, Chicken Wings Cupcakes)
Philly Style Bagel (boil Bagels in beer)
Cha Cha Matcha: Devine Drink (Matcha, tumeric, blue sperulina, …)
Mega Milkshake ($16) @ Burgerdogy @ Long Island + Burger smoothered in Mac & Cheese
Cotton Candy Ice Cream at WuKong Chinatown
Huge piece fried chicken @ Cheers Cut in New World Mall (Queens)
Gelato Ice Cream Sandwich @ Popp Bar
The Konery: huge ice cream cone, filled with fruitloops
Everything Donuts @ Flex Mussles  (only while brunch? Bite-sized)
Jelly-O Cocktails (edible glasses) @ The Fat Monk
Soft Swerve (Ube Ice Cream)
Queens night market!! (e.g. Palata @ Burmese Market)
Rawsome Treats (vegan cake)
Carlo’s Bakery @ Times Square (Lobster Tail – pastry, special cupcakes)
Totchos @ The Gravson ..maybe (Tater Tots + Nacho Toppings)
Huge Margaritas @ Caliente Cab Co
Doughflower @ Doughnut Planet
Boozy Donuts @ Doughnut Project (Hommage to famous bars in NYC)
La Newyorkina (Frozen mexican treats)
Dekalb Market Hall (Brooklyn Food Hall) – Pop Cake Shop
Umberto’s – Pizza like grandma’s
Unicorn Cannoli @ Gelso & Grand, Little Italy, $20 – Holy Cannoli ($15)
Broadway Bites
Pizza with garlic knots as a crust, Pizza with Pizza topping in box made of Pizza, Elote Pizza @ Vinnie’s Pizza Brooklyn
Baked in Color (Rainbow cookies) @ Turnstyle NYC
Broussle Sprouts Pizza @ Motorino Brooklyn
Quesa Taco (Cheese shell tacos, Secret Menu item) @ Los Tacos No 1 in Chelsea Market
Korzo Brooklyn (Deep Fried Burger)
Ramen Tacos @ Ichiba Ramen
Scarr’s Pizza (Upside Down Pizza Sicilian)


New York II

Shaved ice cream @ grace street (evtl)
Black seed bagels
Acai + fresh fruits @ Loco Coco
Churros milkshake @ camacho’s
Milk & Cookies
Ice cream by the slice @ lezzetli
Jajaja = vegan mexican restaurant!!
Burger @ emily
Burger @ chuck and blade
Burger @ supremaprovisions
Burger @ charlie palmer steak new york
Gazpacho with ice @ charlie palmer steak new york
Bbq cauliflower wings, caramel apple french toast @ Modern love brooklyn
Milkshakes with toys @ diner by the sea long beach

Unicorn Latte, The End Brooklyn, NYC (USA)
Unicorn Latte, The End Brooklyn, NYC (USA)

cool drinks (vegan unicorn latte etc) @ the end brooklyn
Egg shop
Avocado looking dessert @ empellon midtown
NUR = middle eastern restaurant
Cheeseburger @ hard time sundies
Wine gießkanne (porrón) oder lavalampendrink “the funkadelic” @ the honeywell – evtl
Sweet roll (ice cream sandwich with fries) @ tac n roll
!!Hot dog in a waffle on a stick @ kings of kobe
Basket of appetizers (looks nice) + garden matcha tiramisu!!! $10 (yelp/Insta) & soy milk cheese cake mit gold $10 (yelp) @ noki chelsea
“Exploding” omlette = omurike @ bar moga (insider. Nothing explodes, but still looks ok)
Yankee bbq @ pig beach
Rainbow donuts @ sugarfactory (still selling them? Insta)
!!French onion soup burger @ le rivage nyc
Americana pizza (with fries & hot dogs on top) @ ribalta nyc $18
Cinnamon bun ice cream sandwich @ astoria provisions (queens)
Smores (toasted marshmallow ice cream) @ bowery meat company
Meat class @ fleischers best butchers brooklyn (insider food)
!!!! La sirena puts a grilled corn on top of a milkshake (fb) – CORN MILKSHAKE?! Wtf
Bings (chinese savoury pancakes) @ mr bings (vanderbilt nyc)
“Exploding” giant dumpling & little alley (insider) – weeeeeeeell. With crab. + Not giant.
Fruit ball mountain mit eis @ sweet moment nyc (instaworthy AF with teddy on top?!! – with mochie pieces?!!!!)
Big milkshake @ brooklyn diner
Big milkshake @ bigdaddysnyc
Big milkshake @ sugar factory
Giant brontosaurus rip @ mighty quinn’s les
Fried rice burger @ yone kinchi
Pizza cake @ bowlmore
Gotham West Market
Kith treats (cereal soft serve) inside the kith x nike shop in manhattan
The ice cream churning bycicle @ ample hill creamery NYC
Tipsy scoops

New York Beyond

Ramen @ Tonchin New York
Dos toros taqueria
Treat house “confetti” crispie treats @ Kellogg’s NYC
Bubble tea soft serve @ Bar pa tea
Ghostface killer (burger, add onion ring!) @ left bank burger bar
Soup w/ Wonton & noodles @ noodle village
Chicken Tsukune buns @ Tonchin NY (looks awesome!)
Sandwich @ Regina’s Grocery
Pasta @ Ann & Tony‘s
Bae burger (off menu) @ Burger Inc (Gansevoort Market)
Fritatta sandwich croissant (with avo & tomatoe jam), Avotoast @ QWNS Cafe
Milkshake @ World’s Best Cookie Dough
Pork buns @ 456 Shanghai cuisine

Pink dumplings @ Kungfu Kitchen
Donut with pokemon macaron (in the middle) @ stax ice cream
Mafaldine Carbonara Pasta @ Misirizzi NYC
Alley41 (sezuchan food in flushing)
(Nice!!) Next level burger fort greene
Profiteroles @ boucherie park
Avo toast @ The ragtrader bo peep NYC
Carnivore Bloody Mary @ Fredsatbarneys
Ham, egg, tobasco pizza @ speedy romeo
Drizzle = funnel cake w\ ice cream (finally someone got it!) (food truck, check IG to see where they are: drizzle_oc)
Waldorfsalat @ Hotel Waldorf Astoria
According to business insider: sugar factory the most instagrammed restaurant in america
3 course dessert menu chikalicious
Play J ice cream truck
Amusement park for adults (a bar) = Magic Hour
Mocchi Donut @ Alimama NYC
King Restaurant
Taco tower + giant margarita @ Caliente Cab Restaurant
Poutine loaded fries @ mile end deli
Beer culture (nice burgers)
Coconut soft serve @ All Coco at Central East Village
Gnocchi @ Caffe Buon Gusto
Georgetown Cupcake
!! 6 course super special dessert menu @ Dessert Bar (basement flatiron district:
!! Rainbow, minion, kitten cotton candy @ Binki Cafe
nice french toast @ Hotel in the wall cafe & cocktail bar
Freds @ Barney’s
Okonmyaki Slider @ Osaka grub (new japanese american fusion after ramen burger – cabbage pancake buns?!)
Fire roasted eggplant @ Beyond Sushi
Belgian Waffle Sundae @ Neuhaus Chocolate Flagship Store
!! Pizza Burger @ Flip n Toss
Taiwanese beef noodle soup @ Ho Foods NYC
Cocos dairy free ice cream @ Kokus NYC
Steak Frites @ Boucherie
Golden Latte/London Fog @ Honeybrain
Pink egg benedict @ Outro NYC
Off the Walk Frozen Yoghurt
Sprinkles Land (dumplings, bun, soft serve, milkshake, ice cream etc)
Tea cup cafe NYC (chocolate malt shaved ice cream)
EPICUREAN NIGHTS (multisensory dining experience)
Poke Bowl Station Flatbush (Rainbow Taco Shells w/ Poke)
Bubble bar (egg waffle)

Charcoal Dole Whip Pineapple Soft Serve @ North Shore Poke Co. New York
La Vecina (Fries topped with sliced HotDogs and stuff)
Fryguys (milkshakes mit smiley cake pop on top)
!! Blue dumplings, purple (color changing) noodles @ thaimee table
Build your own burger brunch @ BL Burger Bar
Thai villa nyc
Cognac east
Truffle soup dumplings @ carma east (also have giant soup dumplings)
Racletteburger @ Wallflower NYC
Personal rotating chicken shawarma @ Au Za‘atar
Suprema Burger @ Suprema
Dannoli (donut + cannoli) @ Vaccaro’s Bakery & Cafe, Queens
Greensbabka (brooklyn, e.g. ice cream babka sandwich?!)
Egghead (egg focussed shop. Who would have guessed that)
Lasagna Rolls @ Don Angie
Pink hot chocolate with foot @ sweet moment nyc
Sweet dog (hot dog in crepe) @ sweet moment nyc
Caked up: bacon & pancakes cupcake (far away, still …)
Garlic bread croissant @ Dominique ansel kitchen
Spicy salmon filled avocado bomb @ u-gu
Dumplings @ eastwingssnackshop
The eddy nyc
Sushi donut @ Poketeria
Chefs club nyc (featuring international chefs)
Cookie & cream panda donut @ stax ice cream
Most Spectecular cocktails in NyC (according to Secret NYC) @ Nylo NYC
Donnoli (doughnut + cannoli) @ Vaccaro‘s Bakery
Mac n cheese cones @ Merchants river house
! The little one (japanese dessert pop up)
Next level burger (vegan, west coast burger joint)
!!! Binki Cafe (soft serve topped with individual cotton candy figures)
Spicy Dumplings @ Lanzouh Hand Pulled Noodles
BL Burger Bar
Bacon, egg & cheese dumplings @ pinch chinese (part of eater’s top 5 dumplings)
6 foot pizza @ Fornino
Kellogg’s NYC Union Square
Pinch chinese (chinese brunch, like bacon-egg-cheese dumplings)
Huge pancakes @ harolds new york
Indian tacos @ Tacomahallnyc
The Malaysian Project (serves malaysian burger wrapped up in an fried egg)
Tater tots pizza @ krave it (YES!)
1/2 Pizza, 1/2 Calzone / Dessert Pizza Calzone/ American Star Pizza (w/ fries) @ Patrizia’s
Ramen crusted fried chicken @ hey hey canteen
Nusr-et (Restaurant Salt Bae)
Tiffany’s Blue Box Cafe – breakfast $29, lunch $39, tea service $49
Pho soup dumplings (! Soup in dumpling) @ rice & gold
Supermoonbakehouse (Those croissaaaaants!)
Matcha-infused beer @ 29B
120 combinations of nuggets and sauce @ the nugget spot
Candy cocktails @ dylan’s candy bar
Japanese A5 wagyu (steak) @ Old holmstead
Pretzel dog @ the rusty dog $4
Jelly Donuts @ orwasher (since ~1916, video spoon university)
Dragon balls (liquid nitrogen cheese balls) @ -321 degrees
Burger with mac n cheese for buns @ the bedford
The heart of stone (cocktail) @ the aviary
New kellogg’s sweet cafe (with hot dogs etc made from cacoa crispies)
The baogel (1/2 bao bun 1/2 bagel) @ black seed bagel & nom wah kuai
Candy (bonbon) shaped pasta (=caramelle) @ Don Angie
Colorful crispy rice treats @ treat house
Taco Mahal (Indian tacos)
Spicy village (in chinatown – soup with potatoes, chicken & long noodles)
Sour cream and onion grilled cheese donut @ clinton hall
Pinch chinese (chinese brunch, e.g. bacon, egg & cheese dumplings)
Raaka chocolate (chocolate bars creative, brooklyn)
Potatoe Boat (potatoe gebacken mit käse und sauerrahm drauf) @ Michael Jordan’s The Steak House NYC
Pancakes + hazelnut, maple, praline sauce @ Sunday in Brooklyn
Cheese tea to drink?! In boba stores (~cream cheese on top of a tea base), drink through a cup not a straw to get the differenr textures. (Video thrillist)
Costa Nova Waffles (Long Island)

Jersey City:
Geometric pizza @ Carmine’s Pizza
Pizza with pizza rolls on Top @ The americano pie bar

Unicorn mozzarella sticks & pizza with tacos on top (only on tacotuesdays), Ramen pizza @ Tony Boloney
Churro platter @ Gringo’s Tacos
Fruity Pebble Waffles @ Beans and Leaves Coffee and Tea

Slice of a 30 layers lasagna @ Cucina Calandra (80 pound lasagna)

New Jersey:
The Chonut 2.1 @ Kimchi Smoke
Huge ravioli @ Porto by Antonio

Brownstone Pancake Factory (“Take breakfast to the next level” – and they really do! 40 different types of pancakes – funfetti, oreo, salted caramel // Milkshake with 4 pancakes & 3 waffles on top (first we feast)

Hoboken, NJ:
Poke Pizza Slices @ Makai Poke Co

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