It‘s thursday and I buy myself Supreme … Ok, it’s today, but it unfortunately wasn’t when I made it to Supreme for the first time (sorry, Rin!) At least there’s no lining up, I’m even been able to afford something. Yikes! Okay, probably that’s because I’m not in front of the clothing chain’s stores‘ in New York, but at Supreme Burger & Grill in Berlin.

A look at the menu makes me smile. As opposed to the New Yorker Supreme, I‘m actually able to affort anything. Though I‘m not willing to start the weekend with the most expensive dish on the menu, a Tomahawk Steak for two, selling for 65€. But that‘s not due to the price, but because I was craving Burgers for a few days now. With 13 Burgers on their menu, however, it‘s a hard decision to make. A Classic Bacon Cheeseburger maybe, or the Blue Cheese Burger? Naaah. In the end, the Speedy Gonzales Burger with cheese, avocado and salsa is my choice. And it’s a good one!

Supreme Burger & Grill, Berlin, Germany

This might be the coziest burger joint ever

The restaurant is a great location and I immediately liked the atmosphere and interieur. Large, comfortable armchairs with cozy velvet covers are grouped around big wooden tables. The large patterned carpet on the floor reminds me of the one in my grandparents’ living room. The wall on our left is covered with pictures in big silver frames. It’s an unusual interieur for a burger joint. On our way inside we’ve even spotted a colorful windows that looked like from a church. I smile. “I love it,” I think to myself and let my eyes wander through the restaurants.

Supreme Burger & Grill, Berlin, Germany

Are our burgers supreme?

It’s quite a big place and though every table is filled the restaurant doesn’t seem full. Also, because we don’t have to wait long till we get our burgers. While I picture mine, the others already devour their burgers. My friend George went for the El Mariachi Burger with cheese, jalapeños, bell peppers and red onions. My brother got a simple Cheese Burger. We all went for a medium patty and probably would have liked that, if the meat wouldn’t have been burned. My burger, the Speedy Gonzales one, included a decent amount of cheese. It was super creamy, melted within the warm burger and I immediately fell in love with it. Also, because it covered the meat’s slightly burned taste quite good until the last few bites. A perfect addition was the avocado’s freshness, cutting through the creaminess from the cheese. I’ll never make a burger without an avocado again, that’s for sure.

Speedy Gonzales Burger, Supreme Burger & Grill, Berlin, Germany

George, on the other hand, wasn’t that lucky. His patty was black on the edges and the El Mariachi burger apparently hasn’t enough cheese on top to cover that up. As our burgers has been brought quite fast, we started to wonder, how the patties would look like on a busy evening. Worse, because there’s more chaos in the kitchen? Better, because you don’t have the time to grill them too long? Hopefully the latter one, as we’ve all liked the thickness of the patty. Grilled nicely, this would be the perfect base for a great burger.
A plus, that’s already exciting, is that both the burger and the fries aren’t as fatty as one’s used to. And actually expects. We’ve also liked the plating, that worked well with the cozy yet hipster burger joint.

Supreme Burger & Grill, Berlin, Germany

Though George said “I think there are many burger joints that prepare burgers with less love,” in the end, we all agreed: It unfortunately wasn’t supreme. Maybe next time.



Supreme Burger & Grill
Oranienburger Str. 26
10117 Berlin

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