No, in Germany, cookies are not as beloved as in the US. We have McDonalds and Subway cookies, Starbucks is selling them, and that’s basically it. When I lived in New York in 2017, a whole new world opened up in front of me. Step in, I’ll show you around – these are the cookies everyone is talking about in the city.

1. The F-F-Famous 6(!) Ounce Cookies
Levain Bakery, Manhattan (Uptown)/Harlem/Wainscott

Even if you‘re only remotely into New York‘s food scene, you‘ve probably heard of Levain Bakery‘s cookies. It actually came as a big surprise to me, that they bake other things as well. Actually, they only sell four different cookies: Chocolate Chip Walnut, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip, Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin. Yet noone complains. On the contrary, the bakery is known for not only their cookies but people lining up around the block to get the said cookies. Why? They are super thick (6 ounce/170g!) and have the perfect cookie consistency – a crispy outside and a wonderful gooey inside, when you get them right out of the oven.

If you want the all-original cookie experience, line up at their location in 167 W 74th. This was the bakery’s first location and is where today’s headquarters are. They also have locations in Harlem, Amsterdam Ave (not far from the first location) and Wainscott. Till today the claim having “the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookie.” And that’s something you gonna have to try for yourself, isn’t it?

2. Cookies from New York’s Second Most Famous Cookie Place:
Chip NYC, Queens/Gansevoort Market Manhattan

Not all art belongs in a museum. :@briancantstopeating

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Okay, with over 6000 yelp reviews and a 4,5 star rating, Levain Bakery is hard to beat when it comes down to cookie places in New York. But if one place is able to do it, I’d bet you it’s Chip NYC. Though they’re not as famous as Levain, when we’re staying within the yelp universe. But their reviews are way more creative when praising the place: “This cookies made me see Jesus” – “These cookies can save your life” – “I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse that I moved out of Astoria literally right before Chip NYC moved in.“- “The diet ends here. Happiness and subsequent food coma also begins here.” You might have guessed it, due to it’s fame you better expect to line up when checking out Chip. “I have never seen a queue in Astoria before for food,” reads Mathangi D’s yelp review, “ and it deserves every minute of patience.” And for real foodies the line’s part of the experience anyways, isn’t it?

I, unfortunately, haven’t made it to Chip (yet), but will definitely check it out the next time I’m in New York. I’ve underlined it quite a few times since it’s on THE LIST. If you plan to do so to, keep in mind, they also have four flavors a day. Sometimes they’re quite unusual, including Gingerbread Coconut and Chocolate Peppermint (Christmas) or Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie (Thanksgiving). While waiting for the next special one, you best get one of their regular cookies like Oatmeal Apple Pie, Blueberry Cheesecake, Butterscotch Toffee or Sea Salt Nutella. You can check the cookie schedule on their Instagram. (YES! You’ve read this correctly. There is a cookie schedule!?! Oh New York, you are so crazy …)

3. “Chocolate Chipiest Cookie”
Besfren, Manhattan Midtown

Not being from the US makes you less snobby in terms of cookies. What I‘m used to are the cookies from Subway, and I‘m happy when there are chocolate chips inside and it is the perfect balance between crunchy and chewy. Which it hardly does. So when Insider titled Besfren‘s Chocolate Chip Cookie the „chipiest,“ I knew I had to try it out. To be honest, this one was to crunchy for me, I prefer soft cookies, but they definitely keep their chocolate chip promise. There‘s almost no dough visible, because the whole thing is covered in chocolate chips. And we all love chocolate chips, don‘t we?

4. Rainbow Cookies
Baked in Color, Manhattan Midtown

It’s a lifestyle thing . #livingtherainbowlife

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Inbetween 2017’s rainbow everything trend, I came across these beautiful cookies. Even if you’re not a rainbow person, you have to confess, they look prettt awesome. And what’s even more awesome is their price of $5 for a bag with five of those colorful beauties. And colored cookies are always better than non-colored ones, right? Need I say more?! You can check them out at Baked in Color in the Turnstyle Underground Market underneath Columbus Circle.

5. Cookie With a Raw Cookie Dough Center
World’s Best Cookie Dough, Downtown Manhattan

I’ve to confess, I don’t like raw cookie dough. I never knew if I would like it, baking cookies isn’t as fame in Germany as it is in the US. Of course I did bake cookies in my life, and I snacked from the dough. But when I was moving to New York and opened to sell raw cookie dough, my main feeling wasn’t excitement but confusion. I tried and it found it’s not mine, and yet, I get the excitement and am seriously interested in trying this cookie. Raw cookie dough surrounded by a baked cookie? It’s almost like inception.

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