Fair warning at the beginning, while I recommend the Youtube channel SORTEDfood, it’s seriously addicting. I just discovered the channel this morning. And, well, what do you think I did all day?? Also, eating grilled cheese while watching their Ultimate Battle Grilled Cheese episode is epic.

Nevertheless, or especially because of that, I just had to recommend this channel to you. SORTEDfood is run by five guys from the UK – the country with these five food days, you know? – and all about food. Two of them are professional chefs, Ben and James, who regularly compete against each other (Chef vs. Chef) or against the so-called “normals,” the non-chefs Barry, Mike and Jamie. However, in the Ultimate Battle series mentioned above it’s actually the three normals who compete against each other and by cooking a meal for a specific topic, such as burger, donuts, brownies or cheese.

And while it is always interesting to see people coming up with recipes on TV shows, this is something known from the big ones, like Masterchef and others. Another format you’ll recognize when you’re regularly watch cooking shows is what these guys call “Pass it on.” In this series they try to cook one dish together, with each cook spending ten to fifteen minutes in the kitchen before it’s the next one’s turn. The idea might not be new, but that doesn’t make it less funny to watch. In fact, it was the first of episode of this format that got me hooked. It get’s even better, when you start to notice how they try to up their game by changing order they cook in and, most importantly, when you get to know the guys. There won’t be an Ultimate Battel episode without “Oh Barry! He left the plate on again!” or “Thank god, thanks for saving the meal James!” anymore.

Another show to pairs one of their chefs with a non-chef to create a dish which’s pre-requistis are determined by pulling slips. Oh, and did I mention their electric shocking recipes? The normals try to cook something and get electro shocks, wheneever the make a mistake.

Besides all these fun and incredibly addicting formats, they also have some more practical videos. They review kitchen gadgets, with thought of chefs and non-chefs, as well as review food in London. So stop reading this, and start watching!

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