Hi there!

Hungry for some details about “Food Was My First Love”? Great!


This website is something I’ve talked about for quite a while and that finally made it online. As the food addict I’ve become within the last few years, I’ll take you all around the world: This site is about restaurants, bars and cafes you want to check out, dishes that’ll make you drool and the latest ideas from creative chefs around the world.

I’m a 26 year old German editor, currently studying service marketing media and communication plus ecnonomics. Oh, and I’ve been in love with food like foreveeeeer!Living in New York for half a year in 2017 opened my eyes to the streetfood world (including some fascinating high-class dishes in restaurants). Great food can be cooked at home, but one can as well find it on streets worldwide – click yourself through the blog to see some great eggsamples ehh.. examples!